'The film provides profoundly thought-provoking insight into the exploitative world of "fast fashion" and the devastating effects of Western consumerism on the lives of abused women workers' Laura Nicholson | Women and Hollywood Blog Indiewire

'An engrossing biography of resistance against repression, Udita is a mosaic of stories from an industry characterised by exploitation and industrial homicide' 

Tansy E. Hoskins is the author of Stitched Up – The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion

As well as being being available to stream for free on Youtube you are also now able to buy your own copy of Udita from BitTorrent Bundle. All the money from sales will go towards our future youth training projects in 

Bangladesh. Click on the logo for more details


'UDITA' follows 5 years in the lives of the women at the grass roots of the garment workers struggle. From 2010, when organising in the workplace would lead to beatings, sacking and arrests; through the tragedies of Tazreen and Rana Plaza, and to the present day, when the long fight begins to pay dividends. We see this vital period through the eyes of the unions' female members, workers and leaders.

'UDITA' weaves together characters from acclaimed documentaries, 'The Machinists' [2010] and 'Tears in the Fabric' [2014] with new faces and scenes, filmed in 2015 with the women at the font line of the struggle



Udita premiered on the 24th April at the Unite The Union Community Centre in East London. Below are some comments from people who attended the screening. To celebrate International Workers Day 1st May 2015 we will released Udita online for FREE



Below are images from the UDITA shoot in 2014. We attended a rally with over 3000 garments workers. It was privilege for us to be there at the moment in solidarity with all the workers.


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