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The Machinists

Directors: Hannan Majid and Richard York

Camera: Hannan Majid

Editors: Richard York, Hannan Majid and Nidham Farhah

Sound Design: Delwar Hossain


Al Jazeera Arabic


Length: 52 minutes


The personal stories of three female garment workers and the boss of a fledgling trade union in Dhaka, Bangladesh intersect to portray the human cost of western high street fashion.


The Machinists has already been screened in cinemas by War on Want and Amnesty International as well as festival screenings which include The Workers Unite Festival in New York and East End Film Festival in London.


"The Machinists directors Hannan Majid and Richard York, spend little time on sensational stories like the fatal fires; instead, they focus on the quotidian misery that defines the lives of Bangladesh's garment workers."- Left Labour Reporter. Click here to read the full review.

Review of 'The Machinists'

The Huffington Post journalist Julie Flynn Badal wrote a very positive review of our documentary 'The Machinists' click here to read it.


East End Film Festival 2012

Workers Unite Film Festival 2012 & 2013

London International Labour Festival 2013


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