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Amazulu: The Children Of Heaven

Production Crew

Executive Producer & Producer:

Denise York


Co-director & Cinematographer:

Hannan Majid


Co-director & Associate Producer: Richard York


Cinematographer: Nico Millar


Editor: Elisa Cherene


Sound Design: Ben Holliday


Vist the IMDB Page here

Film Festivals

Durban International Film Festival 2006                             

ZInthengi Film Market 

Cape Town Internation Film Festival 2006

Closing Film Cambridge African Film Festival 2006

Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2007

SABC Africa On Screen Film Festival 2007

Medimed 2007

Mosaiques International Film Festival 2010


Life in a South African township is seen through the eyes of seven pupils as they come together under the parental eye of Mr Mtshali; Headmaster of Velabahleke High School. Velebahleke - 'come with a smile' may be the only school in the country that starts at 06.30am and where students are racing to get there on time. Mtshali has created an oasis of excellance for hundreds of learners, where students, staff and the community are doggedly determined that they 'be slaves to their background'. The aspirations and everyday lives of the pupils, both in and out of school, interweave to form a story of a generation striving to transcend their backgrounds and achieve what could now be theirs, in the new South Africa. The full documentary has been made available to view on YouTube, click on the video below to watch it in full screen.

Nantes British Film Festival 2008 Winner: Best Film


'Amazulu is a powerful and inspiring narrative' - Durban International Film Festival 2006


'Phenomenal - this is what African cinema is all about' - Cambridge African Film Festival 2006

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