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Baghdad Holiday

Seja Majeed is a British girl of Iraqi origin living in London. During 2007-2008 she visited her family in Baghdad and Basra for the first time while delivering humanitarian supplies to civilians trying to lead a normal life in the midst of a warzone. During her trip, Seja; an aspiring writer and artist, recorded her journeys through the streets and homes of Iraq gathering relaxed and informal interviews from those trying to live amidst the aftermath of a war and conversations at home with her own family. Through a short series of films which combine documentary journalism with the most eccentric form of holiday video, the audience is granted an insight into the real Baghdad of 2008, concentrating not on the drama and horror of war, but on the daily lives of those struggling for normality.

"It's a brilliant piece, very moving, beautifully shot and edited - I love it" - Jon Snow, Channel 4 News

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