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Mass E Bhat screenings

Screenings of our feature documentary Mass- E-Bhat 

1 - Workers Unite Films Festival, New York screening 'Mass E Bhat' 11th MAY 2015


2 - International Labour Films Festival, Turkey, May 2015.



Mass E Bhat screens to a full house at Victoria Film Festival 2015, Canada 


This is a extract from a recent review for Mass E Bhat


'The stories of the individuals interviewed for Mass E Bhat are worthy of documenting on their own merits, but the way they were presented in the film leaves the viewer with a stunning experience. The cinematography is gorgeous from the opening shots, and the scenes are pieced together well. The score is also captivating. While presenting a truly difficult and heart-rending reality, the film leaves you with a sense of hope rather than only despair' Read the full review here. There is also a review by Times Colonist here 

UDITA has featured in the Stronger Unions blog. The TUC (Trade Union Councils) is also hosting the documentary on their website. Do have a look at look to hear their thoughts on the documentary.

There shall be a further two screenings of UDITA in May 2015. There will be a Films For Food screening in East London. This events asks its audience to bring a bag of non-perishable food which then will get donated to Tower Hamlets Food Bank. the second screening shall be in central London and will be a fundraiser which is being hosted by our friends at TRAID.

Tiny Directors

Launch of Films For Food 

films for food, food bank,

On 15th September 2014 we launched Films For Food at Richmix cinema, screening 'Mass E Bhat' in exchange for food donations for Tower Hamlets food bank. The event was a success and we will be continuing to screen our films, as well

as films by other film-makers at events throughout the autumn and beyond, as part of this new

initiative. To find out more about Films For Food,

visit the website here.

In November 2014 we had the pleasure of teaming with our regular partner Openvizor and we visited Bangladesh to work with Paraa. As a team we worked together on the Cycle Of Care program. This project focused on the role of street children in Dhaka. Our contribution to this project involved training a group children from Leedo Street Child Shelter and getting them to make short films that they would storyboard, write, direct, shoot, narrate and the young director's got fellow street children to act in each of the films. The whole process took 4 days and then the films were presented at the   prestigious EMK Centre in Dhaka where the young people took part in a Q&A session. Since then the films have been screened in both the UK and Bangladesh for cultural, campaigning and educational purposes. 

We are in the process of creating a new page on our training section which shall go more in-depth on this project. The films will be screened at Cutting East Film Festival and Films For Food events.

Studio 174 Downtown Kingston

Since last year we have been working with the lovely team at Studio 174. Working with Openvizor and Anton Kats of 'Radio Sonar'.

We were part of the Art Up Downtown project where young people from Downton and Uptown worked together on a series of Artistic projects which filmmaking was part of. We went again in February 2015 and worked with the downtown students and supported them in making one documentary and three short films. More details on studio and the work we are doing there shall be posting in the Training section

Thanks to the Frontline Club

Rainbow Collective would like to thank the legendary London venue for hosting a special screening of "Mass e Bhat" on Monday 13th October. There was a fantastic turnout and the whole "Mass e Bhat" team, including Directors Hannan Majid and Richard York, Producer Abbas Nokhasteh of Openvizor and Composer John Pandit were on hand to answer questions from the audience.

Very much looking forward to screening our work again soon at the Frontline Club!

Rainbow Collective, Frontline club, Richard York, Hannan Majid, Mass e bhat,

Tears In The Fabric Wins Short Documentary Award


Our Rana Plaza documentary was part of this years Workers Unite Film Festival and we have just recieved the news that it has won a short documentary award.

We are thrilled to have recieved this unexpected news. We were just happy for 'Tears....' to receive its festival screening. We want to say a big thanks to the Andrew and the team at the Workers Unite Film festival. We also want to say thanks to Open Vizor, TRAID, War On Want and Made In Europe who partnered and supported this project from its inception.

Tracy Mcvay of The Obsever has written about the upcoming release of our Rana Plaza documentary. Click here to read the article 

The Films For Food screening of Mass E Bhat at the Rich Mix is featured in this month's East End Review. Read the article here 

Pay Up Campaign Video

Congratulations to our friend Amirul Haque Amin who has been awarded the Nuremburg International Human Rights Award 2015.

Amiral has featured in a number of RC docs over the years and you can see a few of them here

This is a campaign video produced by Rainbow Collective with the International Labor Rights Forum and Labour Behind The Label targeting brands who were making clothes in Rana Plaza but who have not paid compensation to victims. 

Learn more the campaign by clicking here

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