Film & Animation Training

Alongside our own broadcast, cinematic and campaign based documentarists, we design, facilitate and deliver ground-breaking  film training projects with marginalised young people around the world.

Wherever we work, we strive to establish long term, sustainable programmes with the aim of diversifying and enriching the film and TV industry through a network of highly talented and motivated young artists and film makers.



By facilitating young people of all ages to produce films which are as beautifully crafted as they are impactful, we encourage them to not only find a way to express themselves and prompt change, they are exposed to an alternative model of education in which their academic background is no barrier to achieving their full potential.

From street children in Dhaka, reluctant to engage with formal education, to university-aged artists in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica, who should, given the opportunity be gracing the worlds top art schools, we do whatever we can to show our students that however challenging their backgrounds, they can achieve a future in film and activism.

Janma Nibondhon (My Birth Certificate)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rainbow Collective/TRAID/EMG


A set of short films written, animated and directed by 8-12 year old children of garment workers and domestic workers in Bangladesh. In the films, the children use experiences form their own lives and community to look at the difference a birth certificate can make to a child's life in Bangladesh.

Films created by our students have received screenings of all shapes and sizes, including at The Barbican, The House of Commons, The British Film Institute, Odeon cinemas, Tate Britain and the Equality and Human Rights Commision in the UK as well as at museums, universities, film festivals and schools around the world.


Rainbow Collective have partnered with many organisations to deliver training projects, including Openvizor, Leeds University, TRAID, Platform, Studio 174, Hi8us, Voices that Shake, Citizenship Foundation and Paraa.

Below is a selection of work produced by our students around the world. Click in each box for more info on the project, or contact us to learn more.


Lal Beguni Shwapno

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rainbow Collective, Openvizor & Paraa 


Workng with agroup of 7 children from  Leedo Street Child Shelter we delivered a series of workshop on small filp cameras. The children then storyboarded, shot, directed and narrated a series of short filmss which looks at life on the street for the children. Since completion the film have been screened numerous times in the UK and Bangladesh. the full set of films were screened at the Barbican Cinema over the summer  

JAMARTIS @ Kingston Arts Academy 

Studio 174, Kingston, Jamaica 

Openvizor & Studio 174


Jamartis is an annual 1O week summer school focussing on film, sound and photography in a fine art context. Each year, young artists from Downtown Kingston and the surrounding inner city areas are joined at their base in Studio 174 by a number of students from CARIMAC at University of the West Indies in a period of intense creativity and practical, collaborative learning.

Voices That Shake

Hi8us South/Platform


A project in collaboration with Hi8us South and platform in which a small group of students who were given the task of making a short documentary on the subject of Power, Perceptions and Propaganda. Combining film with poetry, the hugely talented group of young artists focussedon the divide between the rich and poor in London.

Majesty Gardens Films Club

Kingston, Jamaica  


Rainow Collective, Openvizor & Studio 174

Started in the summer of 2015 at the St Andrew's Settlement community centre in Majesty Garden, the club provides a safe space for children in the neighbourhood while nurturing creativity, teamwork and a love of arts and education. Senior students from the JAMARTIS programme run the club every Saturday, contributing to their own learning by mentoring younger children and passing on their recently aquired skills and experiences.

My View



5 films created by young people across the UK. Each film was shot solo by a student with a flip camera, revolving around issues of identity race and gender. The project was conducted with Hi8us South.

Mosaiques Film Festival

Rainbow Collective/Institut Francais, London


2 films produced by a group of young filmmakers from around the world at the Mosaiques Festival Of Global Culture and the London French Institute. For more details, click here


Reelhood Trilogy

Muslim Youthline/Rainbow Collective


3 documentaries made by young people on social/political issues that concern them. The young people had little or no experience in filmmaking and after 7-8 weeks of workshops, which were designed and executed by Rainbow Collective the young people came up with the following three documentaries.

The Vault

Hi8US/East End Films Festival


Four films produced by young people from the Olympic boroughs, in association with East End Film Festival and Hi8us South

Urban/Rural Exchange

Citizenship Foundation


A short documentary about an exhange programme between an East London Secondary school and a secondary school in Bodmin, Cornwall.


This documentary, although filmed by us, had an element of training in it. We gave the young people camera training so that they could film video diaries.