The Vault Project

The theme of the project was 'Aspire'. 24 young people made 4 films that explore aspiration within the context of the Olympic and Paralympic values of: respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality. The films look at how these values influence the lives and aspirations of local people, as well of those young 2012 hopefuls.

In partnership with East End Film Festival and supported by the Olympic host boroughs, the project was run by Hi8us. Our role on this project was to be the students mentors throughout the project and we supervised their shoots.

We were very fortunate to work with such a talented group of students. Some of the students have gone on to make more documentaries. Mark; who was on 'Our Dream' came onto the project at the Mosaiques training event.

All the documentaries were screened at the East End Film Festival in 2011. That's three years in a row that our students had their work entered at the festival.

Our Dream

Taking Shots

Journey Of A Thousand Steps

Home Turf