Rana Plaza disaster and Raising For Rana events

At least 1,138 workers were killed when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse on April 24, 2013 in Savar, Bangladesh. About 2,500 more were injured. 


We have been working on this campaign with War On WantTRAID, Labour Behind The Label, ILRF (International Labor Rights Forum) and Clean Clothes Campaign for many years. 


With War On Want we created numerous campaign videos which gave a voice to garment workers in Bangladesh that were a nd still are being expolited by western brands. We directed the Not Ok Anywhere campaign and the video has been screened in numerous places as well as at the Glastonbury music festival 2013 before the Rolling Stones came on to an audience of over 80,000 people. 


We directed The Machinists which was made for Al Jazeera and gained an audience of millions when it was broadcast. After its broadcast we made the documentary available to campaigners so that they could use it to aid them in their talks and campaigns.


We were also at Rana Plaza in February 2014 to shoot a short documentary, testominials from victims of Rana Plaza and Photography from Savar. We brought all this together in the resource site Tears In The Fabric. The documentary premiered at the Raising For Rana fundraiser. 


As well as the campaigns as a response to the Rana Plaza disaster we organised several fundraisers to support the victims of Rana Plaza. Two of our three fundraisers were based in London, and another in New York. The most successful was our Raising For Rana fundraiser which raised over £7,000 for the families of the victims killed in the tragedy. We partnered with numerous organisations for this event,  all of whom donated items to be sold via a charity auction at the event. 





Screening of Tears In The Fabric at the Raising For Rana event. Rainbow Collective's Richard York and Hannan Majid  alongside music producer John Pandit

This is the Pay Up campaign video which we directed. This was made for Labour Behind The Label, Clean Clothes Campaign and ILRF. This was launched a few weeks prior to the first Rana Plaza disaster anniversary.


The music in this is by John Pandit (Asian Dub Foundation) and Lou Beckett.  

Rainbow Collective's images of Rana Plaza victims were used at a protest on Oxford Street London. The protesters were demanding compensation for victims of Rana Plaza