Mosaiques Film Festival

Two groups of students made two films over a period of eight days; the exact amount of days the festival runs. Both films were screened at the closing night of the festival. We fully designed and executed this training programme. It was an ambitious project for the students, and us! To be able to come out with two ideas for films and then have them completed ready for screening at the closing night of the festival was tough and meant both us and the students starting work early and finishing very late each day. We were lucky we had such a committed and enthusiastic group of students who gave 110% effort to the project and their films. We are very pleased with the outcome and we all had a great time screening the film on the closing night...and partying afterwards!


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Both films were shot on the Canon 5D Mark 2

Pictures from the shoot; 

Hannan giving some camera advice

The students went on stage on the closing night to present their films and take part in a Q&A session.

Students feedback

" The film workshop that was produced by Richard and Hannan was, in all honesty, one of the best experiences I've had within the media sector so far. It was spanned over eight days and was a condensed version of a whole production process - and through each stage, we were guided through possible avenues but never forced. That's what made this such an amazing experience, we were never told what to do, but left to make our own choices, draw our own conclusions, and ultimately produce a vision which was not diluted by their input, but enhanced.


They are both more than competent film makers, and teachers - I learned so much from them, and really got a feel for the stresses and demands of meeting a tight deadline, and all that it encompasses; the late nights, the early starts and the winding down afterwards - they created a real sense of 'we are all in this together' and they suffered with us, every step of the way. We were tired, they were tired, but we all pushed through and created an amazing piece.


Both of them are really down-to-earth, so you never get the feeling that they are just doing this to gain credibility; they genuinely cared and were really passionate about the project, and it showed every time you approached them with a question - and received a verbal essay!


I would strongly recommend all who are interested of the filmmaking aspect of the media (or even just a general interest) to do as many workshops with these guys as possible, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed." - Mark Benjamin



" A week long workshop for making a film from scratch may seem very difficult, but Hannan and Richard made it a wonderful and deeply enriching experience as they are insightful and enthusiastic about helping students of all experience levels.


For instance, when I attended the workshop, I already had experience operating camera and working with sound, but there were others who were inexperienced, their teaching method and how they structured the workshop was such that we all benefitted equally.


During this one week long workshop we explored language of film, learned technical aspects of production and post-production and finally, we made a short film which was screened publically at the end of the workshop.


Rainbow Coilective's workshop stands out from others of its kind as Hannan and Richard continued their support even after the workshop was over. I genuinely enjoyed the workshop, it was both educating and inspiring." - Babar Shoghi